Experience makes the Difference

Trucking ~ Yacht Management ~ Warehouse
New Construction & Remodeling ~ Pluming
Hotel/Resort Maintenance Manager
Equipment Operator ~ Landscaping
Job Site management ~ Supervisor
Web Developer ~ Web design
Book keeping ~ Data Entry

Sydney is a seasonal trades professional who is able to consult, manage, and produce. He is a valuable asset because of his extensive experience in hands-on creative thinking skills and supervision, management, communications, field operations, OSHA, FMCSA, His hands on experience with PC desktop data entry and web design gives him the “edge”. His experience ranges from trucking companies, as a driver or equipment operator, Home construction, as a Carpenter/new construction framer, job-site management, as a business owner. In addition, he has a highly successful track record in customer communications, Professionalism, accident free work place, safety and defensive critical thinking skills.

Working in Transportation with PNA transport, Sydney was responsible for transporting high priced revenue to its customers. The company has more than 1,000,000 in assets and is recognized by the department of transportation as a highly safe trucking company. Sydney is responsible for keeping his appointments and keeping his truck clean, he is highly recognized by his employer for doing such. Sydney is recognized by his employer by his management skills and asked to oversee the hiring of new employees from his home state California as an assistant hiring manager for the company.

The past 10 years spent in transportation afforded him good solid and successful experience Driving, transporting, and maintaining an accident free workplace, supervising and managing with critical thinking skills, adverse conditions such as wet roads, snow and ice, and mountain top conditions skillfully with or around other commuters, and is recognized for leadership and achieving successful results. Sydney is well versed in how to communicate with creative people and enjoys being the “communication bridge” for clients. He is comfortable in maintaining a “current” attitude while not afraid to think outside the box, if necessary, Sydney accomplishes projects ON TIME and ON Target by doing what he does best.

Sydney’s background Includes:

  • Meeting deadlines, Navigating heavy equipment through adverse conditions.
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills.
  • Take charge attitude to take jobs to completion.
  • Creative problem Solving-solving to plan and execute challenging projects.
  • Effective management of complex multiple tasks.
  • Professionalism, and critical thinking skills.

License & Security Clearance

  • TSA, Homeland, Sydney has Passed all Homeland Security Fingerprint, and Background checks to work in or around all airports, ship yards, and transport Hazardous materials.
  • 2018 HAZMAT Endorsement
  • 2014 T.W.I.C. Transportation Workers Identification Card.
  • C.D.L. A, with Doubles Triples and Tank endorsements.